8 Reasons to Consider Vaping Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is more prominent on the market than ever before, since it comes in all kinds of delivery methods, milligram strengths, and each product type is valuable in its own way.  However, it is no surprise that the most popular product/delivery method is vaping, especially now that enthusiasts have so many distinctive products to choose from.  When vaping delta 8, we get to experience this cannabinoid’s effects in a completely distinctive way.  Plus, there are now all kinds of delta 8 vaping products on the market, each offering those mildly psychoactive effects that can be felt.

What Happens When We Vape Delta 8 THC?

When vaping delta 8 THC oil, we are inhaling a vapor with active levels of the cannabinoid directly into the lungs.  Inhalation is the most bioavailable delivery method available, meaning that this method allows the cannabinoid to absorb into the body in the most efficient manner so we can get the strongest sense of what its properties are capable of.  Vaping cannabis in general is considered to be easier on the respiratory system than smoke, since vapor is thinner and largely water-based.  Hence, many people prefer it over smoking as it can be less irritating and more discreet as well.

What are the Different Ways to Vape Delta 8 THC?

If you’re looking for a fast-acting, potent delivery method that’s portable and user-friendly, vaping might be the way to go, so check out these different types of vape-based products that are available to you.

Delivery Method #1: Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

This is a small cartridge containing delta THC 8 e-liquid that is disposable.  The cartridge attaches to a rechargeable vaping device that’s made to operate at a low enough wattage to properly vaporize the liquid without burning the compound.   

Delivery Method #2: Disposable Vape Devices

These extremely portable disposable devices are made to be user-friendly because they’re ready to go right out of the box.  They consist of two pieces that are attached to each other: a pre-charged battery which requires no charging, and a cartridge already filled with delta 8 e-liquid.  When the e-juice runs out, the entire unit is replaced.  It really is that simple!

Delivery Method #3: Bottled Vape Oils

Meant for vapers who use more advanced systems that require that the e-liquid is manually poured into a tank or cartridge.  Usually, bottled vape oils are more likely to come in a variety of flavors, meaning that they contain flavor additives, but this is not always the case.

Delivery Method #4: Delta 8 Flower

Basically, it’s raw hemp flower infused with delta 8 THC distillate, allowing you to experience the entire chemical composition of the plant with elevated delta 8 levels.  Flower pens exist, which are vaping devices made just for vaping flower, as putting flower into a standard vape cartridge would burn the product rather than vaporize it.

Delivery Method #5: Delta 8 Dabs

These are concentrated products that are used with a dabbing device, which flash-vaporizes the dabs so that they melt on contact.  Dabs are extremely potent due to how concentrated they are, and therefore they should not be used by anyone with a low tolerance to the psychoactive effects of the compound, such as beginners.

What Makes Vaping Delta 8 THC Such a Preferable Delivery Method?

As you are about to find out, there are many advantages that this method offers that can be highly appealing to beginners and experienced delta 8 users alike.

Reason #1: Fast-Acting Effects

Because vaping is such a bioavailable method, it allows us to feel the effects of the cannabinoid within minutes.  After all, not all of us want to wait around to feel the delta 8 kick in.  It offers an on-demand approach to dosing with the compound so that you can feel the effects exactly when you want to during the day.

Reason #2: A Wide Variety of Strains 

Delta 8 THC vapes come in a huge variety of strains compared to other types of products like tinctures and gummies.  The strain is based on the configuration of terpenes in the breed of hemp, and different strains can therefore yield different effects, while also offering a unique flavor and aroma.  This allows us to really zero in on the specific type of effects we’d like to feel when vaping delta-8.

Reason #3: Potent Delta 8 Properties

Yes, vaping allows for a very potent delta 8 experience compared to many other methods.  Another factor pertaining to the high bioavailability is that the body absorbs the compound in such an efficient manner that the effects are felt strongly.  This can be great for those who want to feel the properties of delta 8 in the system as noticeably as possible.  

Reason #4: Portability

Vaping delta 8 THC is convenient because it’s a very portable way to consume the compound.  We can just pull a vaping device out of our pocket and take a couple of hits.  Also, there is no need to measure anything out or count how many pieces of a product we are taking.

Reason #5: Control Over Your Dosing Based on How Much We Have Vaped

With other methods, we need to be a bit meticulous when it comes to how much of a product we’ve taken.  Vaping provides us control when it comes to how strong the effects are based on the number of hits we take, as well as how deep those hits are.  This way, we can really find our delta 8 sweet spot and maintain a more customized routine with the cannabinoid.

Reason #6: A Short-Lived Experience

Typically, the effects of delta 8 THC last for about an hour or two when vaped, depending on how many milligrams we have actually inhaled.  While short-lived effects may seem like a downside, they are actually preferable to a number of enthusiasts.  Because delta 8 gets us high, many of us do not want to feel the effects for more than an hour or two, because the effects could interfere with our driving and our ability to work.  This gives us control over how we experience the compound throughout the day, as we can enjoy mini sessions with delta-8 as needed at different times during the day, rather than committing to several hours of intoxication.  

Reason #7: Many Options to Choose from

Essentially, more options allow us to experience delta 8 THC in numerous ways.  Besides the fact that so many strains are available, we can choose how strong each hit is (this reflects the ‘high’ we get as well), the flavor of the products, and the type of equipment to really customize our routine based on our most precise preferences and needs.

Reason #8: A More Cerebral High Out of All the Delivery Methods

Delta 8 THC’s effects are felt the most strongly in the mind, compared to the body.  While some of us enjoy the body high associated with edibles, cerebral effects play a role in our mood and cognitive abilities, and a lot of people seek out delta 8 specifically for these effects, as they can help with stress, lack of focus, and even sleep, just like edibles would.  So, if you want the psychoactive properties of delta-8 to offer a feeling of calm or upliftment, then vaping is probably the best delivery method to try, as the high is still low.

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