Caviar x Kush Strain: True Earthiness at its Finest Delta 8 Gummies are incredibly unique, offering not only some of the boldest flavor and cleanest ingredients on the market, but combining their high-quality delta 8 distillate with a strain’s terpene profile – something rarely seen in edibles these days.  Their Caviar x Kush Gummies are particularly popular since they combine two of the most popular strains of all-time to create one super strain, and even contain a rich n’ juicy flavor of exotic black watermelon, a flavor we rarely see on the edibles market.

The Strain Basics

Caviar x Kush is a hybrid created by, by combining these two terpene profiles to bring you the best of both worlds: 

  • “Caviar” is one of the rarer and more expensive strains on the market, making its namesake more than appropriate, and acting as a 50/50 hybrid that comes from a blend of Grape God and Grape Rhino kief.  
  • “OG Kush” is a far more accessible strain renowned for its very potent effects and uniquely strong body high, while leaning heavily toward indica territory.

Flavor and Aroma

There are a couple of things to consider when talking about the aroma and flavor.  These Gummies themselves have a magnificent black watermelon flavor which comes from natural ingredients.  It’s bold, juicy, sweet, and oh-so refreshing.  Plus, definitely one to remember.  But, let’s focus more on the flavor and aroma of the actual blend of strains, since that speaks more of the terpenes in the product.

Caviar and Kush both have unique flavor profiles: 

  • Caviar has a uniquely flavorful taste of rich chocolate and juicy grapes, with the aroma having a bit more of an earthy edge than the taste itself.  
  • OG Kush has a skunky aroma while the flavor is a blend of bright lemon and sour jet fuel, making it somewhat similar to the taste of another classic, Sour Diesel.

Mental Effects

The pairing of OG Kush and Caviar means that you’re in for quite a ride in terms of the cerebral effects.  OG Kush and Caviar can both be the types of strains that make it hard to concentrate on tasks, so we recommend this strain if you are ready to mellow out and not focus on anything in particular.

The euphoria with this strain blend is extremely potent, especially in the beginning.  Many people also find that their stress melts away quickly, and they find themselves unable to care about the things that were bothering them just moments before.  For the duration of the experience, you’ll likely have a peaceful smile on your face as the uplifting properties linger for quite a surprising length of time.  

Overall, it’s a particularly strong mood balancer if that’s the type of thing that you are looking for out of your delta 8 gummy experience.

Body Effects

With Caviar x Kush, a lot of the body effects come from the OG Kush.  This is one of the most couchlock-inducing strains of all time, and one that’s preferred specifically by those who are seeking out a relief from tension throughout the muscles.  So, if you want to pop a gummy into your mouth and lay down for a few hours, watching TV or just meditating, this is a good choice.  It may make you feel sleepy if you take it during the late hours, which may or may not be the desired effect based on what you’re trying to achieve.  That being said, it’s a good choice for bedtime specifically, if you do want a little help when you put your head on the pillow.

Strain Potency

Caviar x Kush could safely be considered one of the, if not the most potent strain in’s entire catalog.  The heavy indica effects mean that both your mind and body will feel very high, in the more subdued kind of way.  The effects are also quite long-lasting, so prepare for that accordingly. 

Overall Experience

Let’s just cut right to the chase – this is a heavy, very powerful strain that you’ll need to enjoy strategically.  If looking for a quick, easygoing buzz during your workday, this is likely not it.  Why?  Because this is a strain to plan ahead for, since it can very well put you to sleep, and considering how long-lasting the effects are, being gummies rather than vapes, that heavy feeling in both the body and mind will last for hours.  We do want to give a shoutout to for introducing us to a magnificent new gummy flavor – black watermelon – but also for crafting such a high performer.  This is the perfect strain for when you want to completely zone out and forget about the world.  Within about 2 hours, couchlock was in full effect and the mind felt nice and subdued in all of the right ways, which lasted for the remainder of the experience.

Give This Awesome Strain a Try! Caviar x Kush Delta 8 Gummies offer an amazing delta 8 THC experience for up to 8-hours while providing a completely one-of-a-kind strain combination that you can’t enjoy elsewhere, making them a must-try for strain enthusiasts who want something that lasts longer than your standard vapes on the market.  These gummies are crafted with fresh and all-natural ingredients, while still delivering powerfully bioavailable delta-8 and terpenes so that all of your hemp-related dreams can come true at last.

What is Caviar x Kush strain?

Caviar x Kush is our blend of Caviar and OG Kush strains. Caviar is a 50/50 hybrid with a grape and chocolate flavor, promoting feelings of ease and balance. OG Kush is a slightly sativa-leaning indica known for its potent effects, and spicy, citrusy taste. Together, they can make the mind and body feel soothed and completely blissful.

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