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Berry x Blast Delta-8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 THC Gummies Berry x Blast

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A tropical rush of exotic berries pierce thru the terpenes leaving you in a euphoric whirlwind of deliciousness.

Size: 500mg (25mg per gummy)

Contains 500mg Δ8THC

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4.7 Based on 43 Reviews
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Evelyn H.
United States United States
Sleeping issue - resolved

i love the berry blast gummies. I've had problems falling asleep for years and my doctor never wanted to prescribe sleeping pills. I went back and forth between melatonin and Z-Quil for years until a friend from Florida asked me to try a prescribed gummy that he takes to helps him sleep. In an hour after consuming it, I went into a mild twilight state, then slept until mid-morning the next day. So now I order my own.

Bettina S.
United States United States
Helps with back pain/anxiety

I like the product because it helps with back pain/tingling due to nerve issues. I have tried 3 or 4 other brands, and I like D8 the best. It also helps with my anxiety issues

Brian M.
United States United States
Never received Shipment

Horrible customer service. Emailed 5-7 times to tell them that I still have not received my order, I still have not received a response.

Chandler B.
United States United States
Berry x Blast Delta-8 THC Gummies

AMAZING!! Absolutely loved them. I could not believe how effective they were and I will definitely be buying more. Delta8 is a phenomenal company!

Manuela K.
United States United States
Love it

100% effective. I've been an insomniac for over 20 years. I've tried everything to sleep. A friend gave me a gummy to try and after eating only a half I went right to sleep.

Sean Q.
United States United States
Take 2 in the morning after breakfast

These gummies did not work as well as the kaviar kush. didn't touch my arthritis. Kept me nice and calm.

A D8.CO Customer
United States United States
Nice.... Very nice/

These are not my fav, but a close - and I do mean close - second. I cannot relay how these little chewy, berry bites (and lemon and blue something or other) have helped me. Physically, it really tends to the pain that I have experienced for years from what the doctors "...there's nothing wrong..." Recovering mentally as well: I can sleep and feel refreshed again. I can get a few hours in the day where pain is at the forefront of what I do, feel, etc. Customer for life.

Kathie T.
United States United States

Helped with falling asleep but not my arthritis pain in my knew. I can use Tylenol pm to fall asleep and lot less expensive

David S.
United States United States
Didn’t like

Gave me a crazy buzz for 8 hours. But not a good one. Very heady and uncomfortable. Sorry, really not enjoyable.

A D8.CO Customer
United States United States
They definitely work

My partner is a regular smoker and got these. He took two and wanted me to try them so I took one. Holy **** I was lit! I am sensitive to meds/drugs and can’t take high doses of anything. I’ve never experienced a body buzz like that! Felt bad first thing in the morning the following day but it went away. Only after effect I felt was early afternoon started getting a hot flash and thought I was going to puke out of nowhere and no I don’t have menopause or anything like that! I was sweating profusely and dry heaved once. Laid down for a minute and it passed. Probably shouldn’t have taken a whole one!

A D8.CO Customer
United States United States
Wow. And it's legal.

I have chronic back pain and RLS (restless leg syndrome). I have taken all sorts of meds (big pharm) and nothing lasted more than a few days. Max. A friend told me about this so I checked it out and ordered the Berry Blast. From day one I could tell a difference. 20 days later, still doing the job. Not a "high" but an ability to sleep without leg issues or backaches that go with it Phenomenal. I cannot stress enough the relief I have gotten since taking these awesome gummies. I have smoked the Mary Jane with limited results... The legality and cost were very prohibitive. Great price, 20 day supply and the relief I have so desperately been searching for. Super product. Super relief. Lifetime customer.

Deborah B.
United States United States
Berry Blast


Thom R.
United States United States

Enjoyed a nice relaxed evening, nothing to strong… hit that sweet spot for me

Tom B.
United States United States
Great buy

I bought the five pack at a 420 sale These are great make you relaxed and indacouch type of feeling. They do take about an hour to kick in but are very potent. Taste is great

Harold B.
United States United States
Good Product

I think the D8 Gummies are a good product. For me, in fact, as a senior looking for a gentle buzz, a full-size cube (1 gummie) was PLENTY, and I have enjoyed one half of one gummie several times. The delivery came promptly, and discreetly packaged. Thanks.

Shannon S.
United States United States
Best high ever

I love these gummies. I buy usually 3-4 boxes at a time. I can take two and feel the same high that I would from smoking. They have a great taste and I won’t go back to smoking as long as they’re around.

United States United States
Awesome product

Fabulous product - typically use medical marijuana, i’m so glad I found these. I purchased this flavor at a local shop and the blue razz on this site, this flavor isn’t terrible, but the blue razz is DELICIOUS!

Christopher T.
United States United States
Nice clean alternative

Tried this, had three pieces didn’t feel anything however within the hour felt totally relaxed and slept like a baby. Highly recommend!

Lakeysha C.
United States United States
Great Products

Products Great! Makes me feel relaxed right to get a good night sleep. Shipping takes a week or longer.

Vannessa F.
United States United States
Gummies great shipping is slow

I purchased berry and watermelon two separate times. The gummies themselves are fantastic. The shipping you will need to allow a few more days. Purchased 2 day shipping both times and both times they have taken 6-7 days before receiving.