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Gusherz x Runtz Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge Gusherz x Runtz

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Delta-8 THC Vape Cart Gushers x Runtz allows two of the most mouthwatering strains of all-time to collide in exceptional delta 8 glory. Gushers and Runtz are both crowd-pleasing hybrid strains that are renowned for their sweet and fruity flavors that make each puff an experience to savor. Meanwhile, the effects offer a soothing sense of balance to the body and mind.

All 510-threaded vape carts are constructed from quality materials, as well as premium extraction methods to deliver the finest delta 8 THC and natural terpenes to the body with every hit.

Size: 1 gram

Contains: 800mg Δ8THC


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4.6 Based on 101 Reviews
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Shirley B.
United States United States
The Best

I have no complaints your products are wonderful. I suffer from migraines and chronic bodyaches due to an accident as well as severe anxiety and You're a delta 8 products have help me maintain and relax and actually still by able to function Discreetly.Enjoyed the vapes cartridges The flavors all good .Gusher xRuntzs my the way thank you for the free gummies that Came with my order.If you haven't tried Delta 8 do you yourself a favor and try it.

Cameron D.
United States United States
Absolutely ridiculous

I bought a five pack and two other cartridges and they only sent me three total. Worst customer service and a complete bust. Don't waste your money, they won't even respond to me, it's been five days. Please look elsewhere.

jose l.
United States United States
Good Product

best cartridge.

United States United States
Half empty

The first delivery I got from this company the cart was filled. That has not been the case in the following deliveries. Half empty cart and slowest delivery department if what’s going to end this company. I surely won’t order again.

United States United States
Lousy shipping, no customer service.

It took 6 days from my day of purchase for my order to be "shipped". Now when i look and see the projected arrival, its going to come about a week later. I ordered my carts on oct. 2nd, they say theyll be here by the 12th. I paid $9 priority shipping. Mistake. Their customer service or "sales" contact is completely non-existent- or at least neglected, because they wont respond to anything. They do not care that you paid only for them to ignore you. They do not send updates when they say they will, and they dont value their customers and their valid worries. I have gotten 0 responses between the 3rd (shouldve been shipped by then) and now. There are others who mention the same. This is highly unacceptable. There are better businesses out there that sell d8 and have been reliable sources with proper shipping rates and schedules. Go look somewhere else unless you dont mind waiting 2 weeks for a product you expected to come in 3 days.

Chris O.
United States United States
Good all around

Haven’t been too let down with delivery or the product at all yet

Tracy P.
United States United States
Still waiting

The product it's self is fine.Shipping and customer service are horrible! I placed an order 5 days ago and also paid for priority shipping however I still have not even been notified that my order has been shipped. This is like the 6th time I've ordered from and every time it just gets worse.Ive emailed and called multiple times and have yet to get a response

United States United States
Their carts are great- not their business behaviors

Ive tried pretty much all of the cart flavors, gushers runtz being one of my favorite. However theres plenty of flavor/effect reviews and I dont need to make another one. Their shipping is incredibly slow. Dont waste 8-9 bucks on priority like I did because they dont value that at all. Your product will almost always come late. I have contacted their sales yesterday and today wondering whats up with my package and they still havent responded or sent my updates. Priority mail is a scam because they refuse to honor that system. Just get regular shipping and expect to wait 4-8 days. D8 co, yall have to do better.

Hector J.
United States United States
Not what I expected

I must admit I was skeptical at first but wow it does what it's supposed to do relaxes your mind and body A++++

Danny F.
United States United States
Great feelings of peace

Very good last a long time and keeps me calm as well as alert. Makes it easier to sleep all threw the night. Also I don’t have to buy black market carts so there’s that burden lifted!!!!!

Kari S.
United States United States
Great taste, helps with my nausea

Tastes great, has multiple benefits for me personally, helps with sleep and nausea.

United States United States
Awesome a d smooth. Love the affects

I love it. Nice and smooth

Jordan W.
United States United States
Did not receive.

I did not receive my item and I literally emailed y’all about it.

Gavin P.
United States United States

The product was great but I placed a second order with priority shipping 3.5 days ago and have yet to receive shipping confirmation or a tracking number.

Kristina H.
United States United States
No complaints

I have trouble sleeping so I use D8 to help and I can’t complain at all with any of these products

Alaysia N.
United States United States
Strong and Fruitful vibes

I really love this because it's discreet and portable. It's thin enough to fit in your purse or your back pocket. There's No smell, no ash, but everything else including a great buzz is there !

Malinda B.
United States United States
Not very smooth

Flavoring was really good but wasn’t as smooth as I was hoping it would be

Luke H.
United States United States
Good product and amazing flavor

I loved it definitely worth the money and does everything it says it does

United States United States
Leaked Oil No Response

These are very cool vape just be careful with ordering your deltas from this site because I received mines in the mail yesterday and unfortunately most of the oil leaked out. I tried to email them but I guess they don't care or something. I recommended ordering on a different site, a site a little more trustworthy and that will actually response to you if you have a problem worth there product.

Shirley B.
United States United States
Customer service

Ok but improve on how you Ship out the cartridges for no leakage or damage. Other than that the flavors are good Gusherzxruntz taste amazing terpines slightly earthy strong hits well. Great for relaxing takes away the anxiety keeps you chill .bazooka cookies sweet creamy though a slight Berry kind of flavor.Nice buzz again great for the anxiety he's super chill very discreet.