Delta-8 THC Gummies Blue x Razz




Mouthwatering Flavor

If you’re looking for a gummy that’s as flavorful as possible, you don’t want to miss out on these tasty little gems. Each bite bursts with sweet and sour blue raspberry juice that instantly excites every taste bud. We know that to make a delta 8 THC routine as enjoyable as possible, a lot of effort needs to go into the flavor. We’re proud to have risen to the challenge.

25mg Delta 8 THC Per Piece

Each delta 8 THC gummy contains 25 milligrams of pure delta 8 distillate per piece. This is a generous potency level which is great for experienced users. Beginners may find it better to start with half a gummy to develop a tolerance to the effects of this natural psychoactive. 

Clean Ingredients strictly uses clean, carefully sourced ingredients for these gummies, using natural, plant-based flavoring extracts and other ingredients sourced from mother nature. This doesn’t just provide a better flavor but ensures that each serving is as gentle to the body as possible.

Long-Lasting Effects

Delta 8 gummies are a superb way to really maximize each serving of your favorite cannabinoid. Ingesting delta 8 THC can offer up to 8 hours of dazzling effects, including a long-lasting psychoactive buzz and a more powerful body high experience.

Size: 500mg (25mg per gummy)

Contains: 500mg Δ8THC

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Blue x Razz