Mango x Dream Strain: A Much-Needed Mental Booster

Do you want your delta 8 THC experience to have a strong cerebral rush and a major boost in energy?  If so, you’ve come to the right place. Mango x Dream in your choice of either a Vape Cartridge or Disposable Vape Pen let’s you start vaping this magnificently flavorful strain, while knowing that you’re getting only the finest quality and purest formula possible.  With its one-of-a-kind effects, this strain is absolutely worth checking out.  Especially, for those who prefer their delta-8 during the daytime hours when they’re fully active.

The Strain Basics

“Mango Dream” is a somewhat mysterious strain that is classified as a sativa.  What makes it mysterious is that its breeder has remained tight-lipped about exactly how they created it.  However, based on its name and what we know, it’s likely that its parent strains are two absolute legends: 

  • “Mango”: Indica-dominant hybrid.
  • Blue Dream”: Sativa-dominant hybrid.  

Both strains are top-sellers on the market and merging them together really offers something special as you will soon find out.

Flavor and Aroma

Mango Dream is regarded as one of the best-tasting strains out there today.  In fact, it tastes so good that one would think that its breeder snuck some flavoring in there.  The aroma is even mouthwatering, with a bright, fresh tropical fruit flavor profile that has some delectable undertones of juicy berries and zesty, tangy citrus.  The earthy undertones are there in the fragrance but disappear in the terpene flavor.

When you taste the strain, it’s a pure fruity extravaganza that instantly makes you want to lick your lips.  The mango flavor is bold, clean and ripe-tasting, while the brightness of the citrus complements it wonderfully.  Berries act as a subtle supporting player, while adding some sweetness to the experience to round everything out.  Overall, the flavor profile alone is a good reason to try the strain, as connoisseurs rave about it.  The flavor is also quite strong, and lingers for a while, so that you really get a chance to savor it to the max.

Mental Effects

If there’s one key takeaway regarding this strain, it’s that it offers a nearly instantaneous buzz – more like a jolt, similar to the one you’d feel after drinking a cup of espresso.  Almost immediately, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria that’s particularly heady, with a tingling, warm and fuzzy sensation that spreads from the head down to the rest of the body.  At this point, you may feel motivated to get some chores done, start a new creative product or even exercise.  It’s also a great social strain for this reason, as the buzz can make you feel more talkative, confident and interested in connecting with others.

The mental effects gradually become more stress-easing, but never to the point of feeling sleepy or groggy.  Even though the headiness is strong, it’s not the type of strain that makes you feel completely out of it to the point that you can’t engage in conversation.  You’ll just feel at peace with the world, and notice that your mood is lifted as you smile for the duration of the high.

Body Effects

With Mango Dream being a very uplifting and energizing strain, it’s not surprising that this effect can be felt from head to toe.  You won’t have to worry about couchlock here, not even at the end of the high when other strains that are known for their uplifting effects eventually leave us feeling ready for a nice, long nap.  You’ll instead remain focused, engaged, and motivated physically, so that you can carry on with your day.  Strain is not particularly known for its effects on the muscles, although many do note that it does ease physical tension.  Actually is the perfect early morning strain for all of the reasons above.

Strain Potency

Mango Dream is an extremely potent strain, which isn’t surprising considering its parents.  It tends to contain somewhere around 23% THC in its natural form, which brings it up there.  But, its sativa effects alone are very strong, as we’ve illustrated.  Despite that, it’s actually a good choice for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced delta 8 enthusiast.  Even though the effects are quite powerful, many people feel completely at ease, and as long as you vape a moderate amount, you can enjoy an invigorating high without feeling overwhelmed.  Note that it’s also one of the fastest-acting strains out there.

Overall Experience

The first thing we noticed with this strain is its flavor, which really does live up to the hype.  It was so delicious it was hard to resist taking puff after puff just to enjoy that fresh mango taste.  But, it felt like as soon as we exhaled, the euphoria effects began their exciting climb, with a soothing body rush accompanying them.  This good-mood feeling remained for the 90 minutes or so during which the high lasted, and at no point did we feel fatigued or drowsy, but rather exhilarated and enthusiastic in a way that really sets this strain apart from the rest.

Start Vaping This Awesome Strain Today! Mango x Dream (Vape Cart and Disposable Vape Pen) offers one of the most desirable strains out there, and anyone who prefers the headier effects of sativa strains will certainly want to check this one out.  With a pure hemp formula and phenomenal bioavailability, you’ll truly get your money’s worth with each and every puff.

What is Mango x Dream strain?

Mango Dream is a 50/50 hybrid. Its mango flavor makes the mouth water, which alone is a reason to give it a try. Its effects are very balanced, promoting a sense of euphoria along with a refreshing sensation throughout the body. It’s absolutely perfect for a lazy evening vape session.

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