Buying Delta 8 in New York

New York is one of a handful of states that has more complicated laws when it comes to the hemp plant, and as more and more cannabinoids have emerged on the market, residents are finding themselves unsure as to whether or not they can legally explore them.  The minor cannabinoid that is subjected to the most confusing laws in NY is delta 8 THC, due to its mild psychoactive properties that make it unique from cannabidiol (CBD).  Given the confusion, New Yorkers also wonder where they can actually purchase delta 8 products in places such as New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Buffalo, or even Syracuse, in order to know that they are getting something that’s genuine, plus high enough in quality to yield desirable results.

What are the Delta 8 Laws in New York?

New York’s Delta 8 THC laws are perhaps the most confusing, at least at the present time.  NY technically banned the cannabinoid earlier this year, but it seems as though the ban hasn’t yet gone into effect, as stores around the state do still carry it, and residents have no trouble purchasing it online.  Therefore, while the state’s legislators are trying to make delta 8 illegal, you can still purchase and possess it, without facing any legal repercussion, as nothing regarding its legal status is being enforced as of now.  Keep mind, however, that this can change at any given time, so you’ll want to regularly check with New York’s legislation if you’re a resident there who regularly purchases delta-8.

What Types of Delta 8 Products are There?

As many of us are used to with CBD, delta 8 THC comes in lots of product types which allows us to customize our routines.  But, it’s good to know what exists on the delta 8 market ahead of time to ensure that you find a product that really caters to your specific goals and needs.

  • Vape Cartridges: Delta 8 vape carts are glass 510-threaded cartridges pre-filled with vape oil, and they come in lots of different strain options to explore.
  • Disposable Vape Pens: Delta 8 disposable vape pens also come in lots of strains, but the disposable pens come pre-assembled, with no charging required at any time for an even simpler experience.
  • Tinctures: Delta 8 tinctures are for sublingual administration, consisting of delta 8 distillate diluted in a carrier oil in various concentration levels.
  • Edibles: Delta 8 edibles absorb through the digestive tract to offer uniquely long-lasting effects, while being available in lots of different flavor options.
  • Capsules: Delta 8 capsules offer encapsulated delta 8 oil that’s easy to administer, along with long-lasting effects.
  • Dabs: Delta 8 dabs are concentrates, with very high potency levels that make them best for advanced users. They’re vaporized with dabbing devices.
  • Flower: Delta 8 flower is delta 8 THC distillate-infused hemp flower buds, which come in pre-roll and loose bud forms, and lots of different strains to choose from.
  • Topicals: Delta 8 topicals are not intoxicating, as they absorb through the skin and deliver very localized effects.

Buying Delta 8 in New York

Like we said, shopping for delta 8 THC as a NY resident can be confusing right now, but those across the state have said that they have no trouble buying it online and having it shipped to their homes.  Besides that, online shopping is the preferred method for buying delta 8 in general, for a multitude of reasons.

More Selection

With online retail, you get to explore a wider selection of products than what you’d find in a local shop, due to more demand online.  This means you can be picky about product type, strength, strain, flavor and more for a really customized experience.

Better Prices

Online retailers don’t have to worry about high overhead costs that come with operating a physical store, which is why their products tend to be more affordably priced, saving you money.

Higher Standards

Online retailers are known for maintaining stricter quality standards than local markets, because they are much more competitive with one another, meaning that the bar is raised quite high.

Better Discounts and Special Offers

If you like saving money, you’ll enjoy the special offers and discounts that online retailers provide throughout the year to help move inventory along while attracting new customers.

Fresher Inventory

Online retailers have wider customer bases, which means that product moves a lot faster.  This increases the chances of getting a very fresh delta 8 product that’s as potent as can be.

Bulk Buying Options

A lot of online stores let you buy in bulk, to save money while stocking up on delta 8 products at the same time.


It’s undeniable that online shopping is a more convenient way to acquire delta 8, since you never need to leave your home to find top-quality products.  We can’t tell you where you can find delta 8 THC locally in New York, as more and more stores have stopped carrying it.  But, even if you did find it in a nearby shop, you’d likely be let down by the product selection, price and quality, since physical stores simply don’t maintain the same standards due to lower demand.

The Big Apple Continues to Remain Delta 8 Friendly

For the time-being, residents of New York can get the most out of their delta 8 THC sessions.  Again, while laws may become stricter in the future, you can currently buy it online and have it shipped to your home.  And, once you see what’s available online, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect, high-quality delta-8 product to enjoy.

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