Orange x Zkittlez Strain: A Real Mind-Blowing Experience

When it comes to delta 8 THC vaping, people love nothing more than choosing from a wide selection of mouthwatering and mood-enhancing strains.  One of the all-time favorites is “Orange Zkittlez”, and a lot of its popularity comes from its sublime potency that delivers a powerful delta 8 experience.  Leave it to to carry the Orange x Zkittlez strain in both Vape Cartridge and Disposable Vape Pen forms, so that users can enjoy its many wondrous effects in two equally desirable ways.  

Let’s take a closer look at what this strain has to offer so you can know what you’re in for after a couple mouthwatering puffs of terpene-rich vapor.

The Strain Basics

Orange Zkittlez is a cross between “Zkittles” and “Agent Orange, and it 50/50 balance makes it the ultimate hybrid for those who can’t make up their minds as to whether they desire a sativa or an indica, as the effects are really exactly in the middle.  

  • Agent Orange is a 75% sativa cross between Jack Herer and Space Queen.
  • Zkittlez is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit with a 70% indica profile.

Bringing them together gives you a match that’s certainly gonna ‘blow your mind’.  A particularly high THC level is found in this hybrid strain, although the exact amount can vary in terms of percentage.

Flavor and Aroma

Orange Zkittlez’s citrusy aroma is quite stunning, and instantly gets you excited to taste the contents of the vape oil.  The citrus notes are blended with earthy undertones that add a nice grounding base to the flavor and have that classic hemp scent that a lot of terpene enthusiasts really crave.  While it’s not the most pungent-smelling aroma of all time as far as hemp strains are concerned, it does offer a really pleasing fragrance that appeals to those who enjoy fruitier terpene profiles.  

As for flavor, well, you’ll instantly get the bold taste of freshly ripe oranges to tantalize you with each puff.  The orange is blended with a sugary sweetness that lives up to the “Zkittlez” namesake, with a bit of lemony tartness to round out the orange’s succulent notes.  

Mental Effects

Orange Zkittlez is definitely a strong strain in the cerebral sense, and many people regard it as the ultimate choice for creative endeavors.  In other words, it’s exactly what you want to puff on before sitting down to write, jam out on your guitar, or do some sketching.  You’ll find yourself coming up with some ideas you never thought of before, and even feel very confident in yourself to see them through.  It definitely increases your feeling of ease, mentally, while boosting your self-esteem and lifting your mood overall.  

Now, keep in mind, it’s not a strain that’s going to give you a massive boost, but rather make you feel more motivated, creative, and essentially at one with the world around you.  Generally, split down the middle when it comes to euphoria and tranquility, but overall, it’s great for when you’re feeling stressed out and bogged down by daily demands.

Body Effects

When it comes to Orange Zkittlez’s physical effects, things are just a bit more subdued.  Don’t expect a rush of energy that makes you want to run around getting things done at home.  And, don’t expect a couchlock effect that makes you want to lay down and never get up.  It’s mild in the body effects, which doesn’t mean that you won’t feel anything – in fact, many report a wave of warm, tingly vibrations in the muscles that are quite pleasurable.  Basically, you’ll just feel more soothed in the physical sense than usual, which is great if you have been carrying around some tension after a stressful week.

Strain Potency

Like we said, this strain is quite potent in its cerebral effects, and less so in the body high that you’ll experience.  But, those mental effects never really feel that overwhelming, and many people can perfectly maintain their focus for the duration of the high.  The high does kick in pretty quickly, so you won’t be waiting around too long in anticipation for it.  The rise is quite fast, and you’ll get to the point you want to be at within probably about 10 or so minutes after puffing on your vape.  The duration of effects is average.

Overall Experience

We went with an Orange x Zkittlez Disposable Vape Pen, and can say that it was a solid experience.  The delta 8 THC really complements the nature of this strain, since delta 8 is quite a mellowing cannabinoid on the mind, which gets balanced out beautifully by the more uplifting qualities of the terpenes.  The body high was never all that prominent, as what we noticed throughout the high was a nice soothing effect that just enhanced whatever it was that we were doing.  We feel like it would be an amazing choice no matter what it is that you want to accomplish, whether that be watching a movie or doing some chores at home.

Start Vaping This Awesome Strain Today!

Orange Zkittlez is a phenomenal strain for those who want powerful effects, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most delicious strains that you’ll find on the entire market.’s Orange x Zkittlez Vape Cartridge and Disposable Vape Pen each offer only fresh, lab-tested, and highly bioavailable delta-8 vape oils that ensure you really savor this strain to the max.

What is Orange x Zkittlez strain?

Orange Zkittlez is a 50/50 balanced hybrid. It’s a cross between Agent Orange and Zkittlez, two legends in the strain world. Its fruity flavor boasts notes of bright citrus and lots of sugary sweetness. It’s a happy, buzzing strain that makes you feel motivated, focused and euphoric.

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