Sour x Lemonade Strain: Time to Elevate Your Mind & Body has done it again, this time with their incredible Sour x Lemonade Delta 8 THC Gummies, which positively explode with tangy n’ oh-so sweet lemonade flavor.  Not only that but deliver a powerful serving of delta 8 THC.  What makes these gummies different from the rest is that they’re infused with the terpene profile of “Sour Lemon OG”.  

We will be giving you some cool insight into this popular strain so that you can really look forward to its fantastic effects while also getting your ‘delta 8 gummy on’.

The Strain Basics

Sour Lemon OG is a sativa-leaning hybrid, with a 65/35 sativa/indica profile.  It comes from crossing California Sour, a 50/50 hybrid, with the iconic Lemon OG strain that has a 40/60 sativa to indica ratio.  Bred in Northern California, where many of our all-time favorite strains begin, it was first created by Emerald Triangle Seeds, and offers a THC level of about 15%-22%.

Flavor and Aroma

Right away, you’ll pick up on a sweet n’ sour lemon aroma, but keep in mind that a lot of that comes from the natural flavoring of the gummies rather than the terpenes alone.  The strain itself has a very fruity and bold aroma that’s quite pungent, with delectable notes of bright citrus, fresh apples, and up close there’s a skunkier, earthier scent that comes from the composition of terpenes in the strain.  That skunky, earthy taste and smell will not come through with these gummies, as the flavoring makes up for that.

In terms of flavor profile, let’s focus strictly on the strain itself, since the flavoring of the gummies doesn’t actually have to do with Sour Lemon OG.  This strain definitely lives up to its name, and it’s not surprising considering that both of its parent strains are lemon-based.  The sourness hits you at first, and the bright, zesty tang of citrus lingers for the entirety of the experience while the slight sweetness of the lemon mingles with notes of juicy fruits.  A bit of lime and apple come through to add depth to the delicious lemony taste.

Mental Effects

This is a powerful strain if what you’re looking for is a burst of mental energy.  Instantly get ready to feel uplifted to the point of intense euphoria according to many users.  That effect really takes you into a whole new plane of mental energy, complete with a buzzing headband-like effect, which is ideal if you’re planning on socializing or just doing stuff around the house.  Great for giving you motivation beyond the most tedious chores, it’s also superb if you’re going to go do something creative like write, draw or play music.  Gives you a sort of freeform train of thought that helps you come up with new and spectacular ideas.  Meanwhile, this strain continues to be uplifting for the duration, meaning that the sleepier effects associated with the plant are minimal by comparison.

Body Effects

With Sour Lemon OG, it’s all about that buzzing effect that lasts for almost the entire time.  This is a very strongly sativa-influenced strain which means that overall body effects just aren’t that strong.  It’s not going to give you couchlock, which is why it’s best for daytime use.  Instead, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to do more physical tasks that you were too tired to complete just moments earlier.  In this regard, this strain truly stands out, and while it doesn’t typically come with an overwhelmingly energetic feeling to the point of being unable to stand still, it does act as an excellent push for when you could use a little help due to fatigue or stress getting in the way of what it is that you wish to achieve.

Strain Potency

In general, this is quite a potent and fast-acting strain.  Expect that you’ll feel quite elevated within about an hour of consuming a gummy, and that the high will continue to rise beyond your expectations.  It’s not the longest-lasting strain, but the powerful effects do allow you to really make the most out of every moment during which you’re under its grasp.  Because it’s not that strongly associated with anxiety or paranoia, we do believe that this is a good strain for beginners to try since they may be able to tolerate quite a good amount.

Overall Experience

If we were to vape this strain, we’d feel the effects within just a couple of minutes.  But, its fast-acting power and quick rise can still be noted in edible form.  Around the one-hour mark, there was definitely a takeoff sensation that kept rising and rising, and the creative juices began flowing right away.  There was a nice stage of feeling giggly for about 20-30 minutes, with minimal introspection despite the enhanced creativity.  It also helped in the sociability department, as there wasn’t a severe drop in mental clarity that made it hard to hang onto one thought at a time.  From that point on, it was smooth sailing, with a generally uplifted effect that increased mood for the remaining hours.

Give This Awesome Strain a Try!

Sour x Lemonade Gummies are perfect for delta 8 lovers who have a desire for a distinctive strain experience.  The gummies offer long-lasting effects – up to 8 hours – and a powerful body high to boot, while being made with fresh hemp compounds to ensure that you really get your money’s worth with each bite.

What is Sour x Lemonade strain?

Our Sour x Lemonade gummies offer the classic Sour Lemon strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes from a cross between Lemon OG and California Sour. As the name implies, the flavor is that of tart and juicy citrus and green apples. In terms of its effects, it offers an uplifting euphoric effect that can be inspiring and motivating, while keeping the mind and body at complete ease.

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