Bazooka x Cookies Strain: Prepare to Be on Cloud 9 has gotten a lot of attention ever since they launched their innovative delta 8 products, many of which combine two strains into one phenomenal delta 8 THC vape-based product to deliver a customized combination of effects and flavor.  Bazooka x Cookies is one of their most popular blends and can be purchased as either a Vape Cartridge or Disposable Vape Pen.  Since this strain combination can’t be found elsewhere, we are gonna fill you in on what you can expect with this excellent duo.

The Strain Basics

Bazooka x Cookies is a combo of “Bubblegum” and “Girl Scout Cookies”, mimicked in the “Bazookies strain”.  Now, here’s a quick breakdown: 

  • Girl Scout Cookies is an all-time best seller, being an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from a blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush.  It continues to outperform many other hybrids to this day while being widely available on the hemp market.
  • Bubblegum: is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a far more mysterious lineage, as we don’t know its parents.  

Bringing these two strains together ensures an indica-dominant hybrid profile that provides the best effects, as well as flavor that’s associated with both of these remarkable terpene profiles.

Flavor and Aroma

The aroma and flavor of Bazooka x Cookies is quite distinctive and unforgettable, and we mean that in a completely positive way. 

  • Bubblegum’s influence offers a strong aroma of sweetness.
  • Girl Scout Cookies is known for its complex, dessert like mintiness and fruitiness that has a clear bias toward sweetness.  

But, as exciting as the aroma is, it still pales in comparison to the flavor, which is purely exquisite.  Starts out with a bright citrus burst and the glorious taste of chewy bubblegum, with a creamy, almost vanilla-like note coming through, all while citrus and mint add to the complexity to provide a truly sophisticated tasty experience.

Mental Effects

Bazookies is known for its very distinctive effects which are hard to compare to other strains.  We’ll say that it feels more similar to GSC than to Bubblegum when it comes to the balancing act that it pulls off, including in its cerebral effects.  While many strains hit you with a strong rush of euphoria, and even some energizing qualities, this one is really soothing right off the bat, instantly helping you forget about whatever was bothering you just an hour ago.  

You’ll then find yourself entering a gentler space in your mind where you can find that inner peace that you’ve been lacking lately.  The calm it can promote is quite profound, and something that truly makes it stand out from other popular strains.  It lasts for the duration of the high, which is quite long compared to many other popular and comparable strains.

Body Effects

What’s unique about Bazookies is that on paper, it should be quite a couchlock-inducing terpene profile.  And, its mental effects can be so soothing that you may trick yourself into thinking that it’s bedtime.  You’ll find yourself in quite a daze mentally, so you may not be inspired to move around much.  If you choose to though, no need to worry about not having any physical stamina.  So, you can use this strain to put a relaxing spin on tasks around the home, creative, and otherwise, while enjoying the mellowing buzz that lasts for hours.  

Overall, it’s not going to give you a strong “muscle melter” sensation, however you’ll notice that you feel quite at ease in the physical sense, with a nice tingling sensation running through each and every muscle.

Strain Potency

This simply isn’t one of those mind-bending strains that sends you off into ‘outer space’.  Like we said, the common theme for the duration of the high is “soothing”, and that’s pretty much consistent the entire time.  It’s not a phenomenally potent strain in any regard, but don’t let that convince you that it’s not worthwhile if you’re more of an experienced user.  Really does serve an incredible purpose since it’s so reliable, without ever getting you too high.  It’s relatively long-lasting, but those effects kick in quite gradually, in a way that really amplifies its ability to make you feel at ease.  There is no sudden head rush or tingling sensation – just that before you know it, it’ll feel like you’re on Cloud 9.

Overall Experience

This strain definitely lives up to the hype, since we read about it in quite a bit of detail beforehand.  From beginning to end, you just feel as though you’re floating on a cloud with few cares getting in the way.  There is more of a soothing muscle effect than anticipated, and we definitely took a few more puffs than most would to really see how far we could push the more relaxing side of things.  There wasn’t any real potency of drowsiness, which was a nice surprise.  On the flip side, there was a feeling of alertness that lasted for the 2 or so hours of the high.

Start Vaping This Awesome Strain Today! Bazooka x Cookies in either a Vape Cartridge or Disposable Vape Pen provides a one-of-a-kind strain experience for delta 8 THC fans who thought they’ve already tried it all.  We have to say that this strain matchup is one that you’ll want to get your hands on, as the pairing really gives you the best of two iconic terpene profiles in one.  Meanwhile, the purity, fast-acting effects and impressive bioavailability that has achieved makes every puff a dazzling delta-8 vaping experience.

What is Bazooka x Cookies strain?

Bazooka x Cookies combines Bazooka and Girl Scout Cookies to offer the ultimate homemade hybrid. Bazooka, aka “Bazooka Joe”, is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid with a sugary bubblegum flavor and a mild uplifting high. Girl Scout Cookies is renowned for its yummy cookie-like taste, and its balanced, potent hybrid effects.

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