Berry x Blast Strain: Get Ready for Pure Bliss

Berry x Blast Strain

What’s better than a delta 8 gummy that’s packed with rich fruity flavor and offers a generous serving of ultra-clean delta 8 THC distillate?  Well, how about one that’s infused with some of the freshest terpenes around to provide you with one of the most beloved sativa strains of all time? Berry x Blast Delta 8 Gummies really hit the spot in both the flavor and effects that they offer, delivering nothing but pure, top-shelf quality hemp compounds and other ingredients while delivering a blissful boost that will lift your mood for hours on end.

The Strain Basics

The strain used in Berry x Blast is in fact “Blueberry Blast”, a sativa-dominant hybrid with roughly an 80/20 sativa to indica ratio.  Its parent strains are Blueberry Haze and Blue Dream, two absolutely iconic strains that remain top sellers to this day.  A Johnny Blaze male is responsible for the pollination process.  Was bred by Snow High Seeds, an Oregon-based group of breeders who are renowned for their meticulous techniques that lead to extremely popular, crowd-pleasing strains.  That means that Blueberry Blast is a relatively new strain type, and while it hasn’t been available for very long, it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Flavor and Aroma

Berry x Blast Gummies certainly have a mouthwatering flavor and aroma, but it is important to point out that this comes largely from the all-natural flavoring ingredients in the gummies, which are largely responsible for what you’ll experience with this product.  So, even though the gummies are phenomenally tasty, let’s focus on what the actual strain smells and tastes like instead.

Blueberry Blast has a strong fruity aroma right off the bat, with orchard-fresh berries tantalizing your senses alongside undertones of earthy musk and a surprising amount of sugary sweetness.  Flavor is a bit different – while the blueberry clearly dominates the profile.  You’ll notice the taste of cedar, while still getting in that sugary finish that makes you feel positively delighted before the effects of the strain even kick in.

Mental Effects

With Blueberry Blast, it’s all about the slow build that delivers as strong euphoric peak before turning into intense inner peace.  The euphoria is particularly potent with this strain, and we’re certain that you’ll notice some ‘trippiness’ along with it’s a particularly cerebral terpene configuration.  It’s a great strain for when you’re ready to shut out the outer world and really go on a mental journey.  Just when you think that the uplifting effects can’t get stronger, and your mind feels like it’s buzzing, the peak gets even more intense.  Then, for the remainder of the high, feel a strong sense of tranquility that makes you forget about your daily worries and live in the moment as your brain continues to feel illuminated.

Body Effects

As for the body effects, they’re not as couchlock-inducing as some other strains.  In fact, in the beginning you may feel a boost in energy that makes you want to do something creative or even social.  The first half of the high is great for when you’re out with friends, but the second half is going to give you more of an urge to lay back and simply enjoy the waves of warmth that wash over you.  This isn’t a sleepy strain, meaning that it shouldn’t knock you out, but rather make you feel like you want to spend some time in your own inner world.  However, it’s good for physical tension, as a lot of people find that their muscles feel really nice and soothed for the entirety of the high.

Strain Potency

For Blueberry Blast, the cerebral effects are very strong.  That being said, enjoy this one with caution, sticking to just one gummy if you’ve never tried it before.  While the anxiety/paranoia effects are actually quite minimal compared to other strains, it’s still very potent and the strong mental high can be quite powerful for a beginner especially.  Like we said, it’s a slow builder, so be aware that it may take a while before the ‘high’ peaks.  Especially, since we’re talking about gummies which can take up to 2 hours before the high really settles in to the user’s awareness.

Overall Experience

We enjoyed these delicious little gummies for the flavor alone, each having one.  Within maybe 90 minutes, there was that feeling of liftoff, as our mood began to feel extremely lifted and a smile took over our faces.  This is undoubtedly a great strain for those seeking out euphoria as well as a nice mental buzz.  There was no interruption to conversation that was noticeable, since the mental effects didn’t have any dramatic effect on our ability to maintain focus on the tasks at hand.  The physical effects are pretty nice as well – there was a nice warm, easing sensation in the body that wasn’t particularly sedating – just soothing and relaxing.  Effects lasted for somewhere between 7-8 hours, with the cerebral effects wearing off before the body high did.

Give This Awesome Strain Try

If you wanna take your delta 8 gummy routine to the next level, we can’t recommend enough Berry x Blast Gummies.  It’s rare to find strain-specific gummies on the market, and these ones really check all of the boxes, boasting pure, freshly extracted delta-8 and terpenes, plus magnificent berry flavor that comes from natural, clean ingredients to deliver phenomenal quality.

What is Berry x Blast strain?

Berry x Blast refers to Blueberry Blast, a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross between Johnny Blaze and Blue Dream. This fast-acting, hard-hitting strain offers intense feelings of euphoria in no time. It’s a strain that makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9 for the entire duration. Meanwhile, its fresh, bold berry flavor hits the spot.

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